The World That Struggles With Deformity

This gallery is a collection of images that allows you to become come a part of a distorted reality. The images use form, texture, and color to give you a glimpse into this world. While viewing the images it is important to remember that this world exist in your reality. 

A woman wearing a red flowing dress is shown laying beneath thaw surface of the water. The juxtaposition of textures helps to create the distorted look. The cooling colors are contrasting the distressed situation.
Here lays a woman with her young infant child. The inversion of color makes the mother appear as another alien style being within our world. The use of color theory is very evident.
A man of Asian decent is show smiling. The face of the man is distorted by the drawings and paintings that are layered on top of the image. The image contains elements of movement that guides you through the image.
This images is of a young boy who face is placed behind water. Within the image there are reflections that appear as human of faces that extend from the boy. The element of texture and juxtaposition help the image to seem distorted.
This is a solid object appears to be two different things. In this distorted world its a woman but in the current reality it is glass. The form of this object allows the eyes of the viewer to see the bottle but the movement and lighting allows the viewer to see the woman.
This photo shows a nude woman whose body becomes distorted by the onion skinning and blur on the image. the features of the woman aren't at all defined making here hard to be looked at as a person but more a figure or spirit.
Here stands a man who is masked by thin lines of blackness. Though the sun is heavily beaming down on the subject the darkness in front of him creates a silhouette. This photo contains a good tonal range to help isolate the man from his background.
This image displays a trees that are going out from a ball of earth. The trees extend past the ball and grow into an infinite night sky making the ball the focal point. The trees also serve as leading lines.
A church stand in the distance but it trapped inside of another building. The photograph creates a world inside of a world thus distorting the reality of those who are in it. The juxtaposition of the church on the building helps this photograph to fit into the theme of this gallery.
In this image there is a calm bed of flowers surrounded by a hectic cityscape. The building are not fully formed but rather blurred giving the photo a sense of movement and quickness. This image leave viewer unsure of where to look or go.
Credits: All media
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