Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh had 149 paintings on the google arts project. He was an artist through the 1800s. In this gallery I have 6 of his artworks.

The brush strokes are simple. I liked this painting very much. there are two curved roads going around the house on both sides.The person you see on the left road does not have details like a face.
This is a painting of van Gogh's room. He has a very good use of color in this painting. I also think he good detail. This painting is in two point perspective.
This is Vincent's second painting of the Starry Night. He uses a variety of color in this painting.
This painting is a big church with two curved roads around it. If you zoom in you can tell that the brush stocks are big. You can also tell that there is no detail on the farmer's face.
This is a painting of a big farm with a person in it. I didn't like it because it didn't have a lot of color to it.
This is a portrait of a soldier with a blue coat and hat. I don't like it because there is no color to it.
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