lines around the world

- these lines make the picture 3D - bold lines for darker color like hair, and lighter lines for skin
- lines make a few main things pop out of the screen - some lines are scribbled to make grass or any backgrounds
- lines make waves in the background for the ocean - lines make footprints in the sand -not many bold lines
- curved lines - different colors
jagged lines to create emphasis - broken up lines - all thin lines and small lines
- lines create a good foreground, middle ground, and background - most lines fill up the right of the paper
- dark lines to show its night time - bold lines that take up a lot of the picture
- lines make the man stick out from the picture - many lines in one area so it made a tornado
- thin lines - much more lines in the background than anywhere else
- bent lines - all revolves around a circle
- lines that create shadows - lines that create a nice background and sky
Credits: All media
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