The Jewish Extraction

The Holocaust, occurring round 1941 until 1945 was a time when millions of Jewish people were killed. Under the direction of Adolf Hitler, ruler and dictator, Nazi soldiers went from city to city, town to town, removing Jews from what they knew as home and sending them to concentration camps or prisons. During their  incarceration they were treated very poorly, rationed food, worked as slaves, and then eventually killed. Some of the Jewish people were fortunate enough to escape, fleeing to other countries to start over with little to nothing. For those who were not so lucky, became a victim of Hitler and the Nazi regime.

When looking at this sketch we see that some sort of disturbance has taken place. There has been many casualties. We see lots of bloodshed and dismemberment of bodies. There are soldiers carrying out an act of war.
This is Adolpf Hitler, the cause of World War 2 and the Holocaust. He was the leader of a group known as the Nazi's. He was known as a dictator, for he told them what to do and how to do it. He ordered his militia to destroy all Jews
Kristallnacht, also known as the night of broken glass, refers to the night when the German soldiers set out to look for the Jews. Many of the Jewish owned businesses and homes were vandalized on this night in search of Jews in hiding.
The Yellow star was sewn onto the clothes of all Jews so that they could be identified when in public. This is how the Jewish people were distinguished from the Germans. The star also meant shame.
Anne Frank, a young girl whom her and her family had to go into hiding along with many other Jews to escape the Nazi's as they raided homes. While in hiding she wrote in a journal in which she kept details of what we know now as the Holocaust. She and her family hid in attic of her fathers business to remain out of sight from the Nazi Soldiers
German soldiers were sent in to round up the Jewish families. Men, women, and children for it did not matter, were forced to leave their homes. With no time to pack, they left only with what was on their back or was easily accessible.
The Nazi's used trains to transport all the Jews to their next destination known as concentration camps. These boxcars were heavily crowded, filled beyond capacity.
As this seems to be the uniform of a prisoner, it is what was issued to all the Jews upon arrival at the concentration camps. They were now prisoners because they were Jewish. A better term would be slaves to the Germans.
The end of the Holocaust resulted in eradication of the Jews. Some were fortunate to escape, but most died a horrendous death. Some were beaten, starved, and gassed. The corpses were piled one on top the other and thrown in ditches in which the Jews had dug themselves.
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