The Metamorphosis by franz kafka

Docent - Ross Lanciani

Selected Epigraph "Life is about change. Sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's beautiful, but most of the time it's both." ~Lana Lang This represents the change of gregor into the bug and the pain
Universal Theme Transformation Gregor had transormed into a bettle chasing his family away also the bainting represents his mother crying when they saw gregor as a bug.
Tone Frightning Gregor had been so frightning to his family he had to say locked up in a room. The painting represents gregors stern father in his work uniform after gregor is fired from his job.
Historical Setting Gregor Samsa's apartment early 1900's Gregor is not allowed out of the room after his manager (represented in the painting) see'd gregor and foces his to stay in his room.
Text-to-text This book is on the sae outline of the book Worm in The Blood by the fact that both caracters get changed into various animals. I chose this picture to represent connenction.
A Day In The Life The painting showes that gregor is in aw when he notices he is a bug
Mandela Gregor had eventually grown weak and died(in the painting) becasue he was apart.
Credits: All media
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