A world of Sculpture 

Step into a world of sculpture. Although not all the artists are known, their work can still be admired as sculpture is not an easy skill to master. Sculptures tell stories whether they are religious, historical, mythical or personal. There is so much to learn about different cultures based on their creations. Even the materials that were used speak for themselves. This exhibition provides a wide array of sculptures, all of which were created with different materials. As a viewer of art I find it amazing that you can sculpt from almost any material and still produce detailed pieces. 

Dating back to ancient Egypt, this sculpture depicts someone of high social status. Egyptians were known for their sculptures of Emperors and their Queens. The medium used is carved limestone.
Dating back to the Archaic period of Greek civilisation, a Kouros depicted the basic features of young men. This would later lead to a style known as naturalism. Dolomitic marble is the medium used.
This sculpture plays an important role in Japanese culture due to its religious symbolism. Wood core, dry lacquer, and traces of gold leaf were used to create this intricate piece.
Created during the Renaissance period, this sculpture demonstrates the possibilities with bronze. A very sturdy material that creates a smooth finish.
This sculptor is known for his complex yet detailed pieces. The medium in this sculpture is terracotta. This material is much lighter and cheaper than marble.
Dating from the beginning of the Roman Empire, marble is the material used. It demonstrates an issue when dealing with marble. The arms have fallen off the figure due to the softness of the material.
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