Eurotrip Artwork

This gallery is a representation of the artwork that i hope to see and the artwork i have seen that has moved me.  I am leaving for Italy on tuesday, and look forward to visiting the uffizi Gallery in florence.  Some of these pieces are on display in that gallery, and i look forward to seeing them. 

When at The Louvre with a group tour one of the members of the group touched a piece similar to this. It brought joy to the group the rest of the visit. I look forward to reminding Marian of this
An image i thought i would see in Amsterdam, but was disappointed. I would very much enjoy seeing this piece in person the detail needed to create this image blows me away
This looks like a very interesting piece that i would like to see while in Florence
This piece I saw In D.C. and it remined me of the light quality i experienced in the Pantheon in Rome. it was a beautiful painting and really touched me.
This looks like a very detailed piece that i look forward to seeing
I have seen many of Chihuly's Art and i am always amazed at the care it takes to produce his pieces
I think i saw this in Paris while on vacation. It was a piece that stood out because of its popularity.
I visited the Musem d'Orsay with my wife Marian this piece was amazing in person just an amazing image
We will be in Venice next week and while i know i will not see what is displayed in this work i look forward to the experience. I look forward to a gondola ride on the rivers
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