Still Life 

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. Jack McCarthy

There are very formal lines. They are right there and make the drawing what it is, giving the buildings life. The shape are regular, and not out of the ordinary. They give the people life.
The color is very vibrant and bright. This gives the painting a little bit of life and excitement. The lines in the painting are implied and form the dock and the boats.
The lines in this drawing are outlined. These outlines give the drawing shape. The shapes that I see n the drawing are triangles, squares, circle, and ovals. Color in the painting bright.
The value in the drawing is light to dark and dark to light depending on where you look in the drawing. The lines are outlines and give the faceal features there form.
There is a lot of negative space in the painting. This is because the painting only takes up a certain amount of positive space. The form is free form and there are many details.
Credits: All media
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