Kyle Keegan- Renaissance Gallery

Weird Hair of the Middle Ages

a. Her clothing is very fancy and she is wearing a nice hat so that means she wants to look nice. b. There are red curtains are red which means she might enjoy theater. c. That she thinks shes beautiful, she is wearing nice clothes and lots of makeup. d. Celestabeleabethable is rich and does peoples makeup for living. she tests it on herself a lot.
a. She is wearing nice dress so she wants to look good. b. There is hardly anything which means she wants to focus on her. c. This person loves clothes and hair styles d. Belinda Chatosburn she designs clothes and is very wealthy.
a. Might be a priest because he is wearing all black. b. There is the sky and outdoors so he may enjoy the outdoors. c. The mans face takes up most of the page so he may be self centered. d. Tan man the man is his name, he has a secret love for soccer even though hes a priest.
a. They are all wearing royal clothes so they might be royal. b. There is a set background perhaps one of there paintings. c. That they are all similar yet so different. d. The Olsen triplets, Mary Kate and Ashley, they are all proffresional kings in there respective cities.
a. This man doesn't really care about his style because he wears that ugly hat. b. There is a valley in the background so he may like hiking c. He likes to hike and play outside d. Hextall NOrman proffesional hiker
a. Weird hat and robes he is kinda goth b. He is in a dark place like a sewer or someplace c. He is a dark person d. Henry Friendly,the blacksmith.
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