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Today you will be learning about the ancient Chinese art, and how they created their own way of art.

Oracle bones are used to show others their future and to answer questions. To make oracle bones you needed animal bones or turtle shells, plastron, and a heated rod. These certain items were usually cracked over a fire pit to show others their future. Oracle bones were well known throughout China, because it showed others their future and answered their questions.
Jade is a stone with beautiful color, a rare mineral, and special to the ancient Chinese culture. To make jade you need two different metamorphic rocks, and silicate materials. The ancient Chinese used jade to make bracelets, rings, statues, necklaces, and other kinds of similar creations. Jade was very popular in the early dynasties, because kings, nobles, and other high classes bought jade for beautiful accessories.
Porcelain was an important art to the Chinese, important export, and usually vases that the early dynasties made. To make porcelain you need kaolin, earthenware, and stoneware. The dynasties usually made vases with these items and also, cups, plates, and other kinds of inventions. Porcelain was really valuable to the ancient Chinese, because it became an important export and was very decorative and durable.
Calligraphy was an important form of art in the ancient Chinese writing style. To write calligraphy you needed a brush, paper, ink stick, and an ink stone. Calligraphy was used to write letters, books, and scrolls in ancient China. Calligraphy was special in China, because it was their own way of writing art like no other.
In ancient China paintings were inspired by poetry and calligraphy to make a wonderful image of art. In order to draw paintings, the ancient Chinese needed a paintbrush, ink, and silk. Usually the Chinese drew images of emperors, daily lif, animals, or what they saw around them. Paintings were very valuable to the ancient Chienese because it was an important form of art, and a beautiful image. Also kings and emperors adored the magnificent images of themselves, and became very well known throughout China.
Bronze is a yellowish-brown alloy of copper with up to one-third tin. In ancient China bronze was made out of copper, aluminum, manganese, nickel, zink, arsenic, phosphorus, and silicon. The ancient Chinese made weapons, vessels, ornaments, knives, swords, spears, halberds, axes, daggers, and bells. Bronze was precious to the ancient Chinese because it was a useful source of material used to make ritual vessels and statues.
Pottery is articles made of earthenware or baked clay. The Chinese used earthenware, stoneware, porcelian, or clay to make pottery. The Chinese made pots, tea pots, statues, cups, dishes, and other kinds of valuable items. Pottery became well known throughout China due to its wonderful design, its colorful patterns, and its texture.
Silk is an ancient Chinese mastered art spun from the cocoons of silkworms, and is a very soft or smooth fabric. To make silk the Chinese needed silkworms and 6 or more fibers. Silk was also used to make silk cloth, silk fabrics, clothing, and to make silk roads. Silk was a huge part of the Chinese culture because it played an important role in the Ancient Chinese culture and economy for thousands of years.
Prints are a graphic art of a drawing, and is carved on a hard surface such as wood, stone, or metal plates. In order to make prints the Chinese needed wood, stone , or metal, ink, and silk. Prints were also used by the Chinese to make paintings on wood, stone, or metal, and to make stamps, carvings of animals, and statues. Prints were popular throughout China because it was used to print texts, to writ every single page in a book, and created beautiful statues.
Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic form of limestone. In order for the Chinese to make marble they needed carbonate minerals, dolomite, and limestone. The Chinese made statues, floors, buildings, palaces, and brick walls. Marble was valuable in ancient China because it was a rare mineral, and precious to emperors and kings.
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