The Perspectives of every day life.

The way we look at everyday life is all based on the  perspective of the individual.This gallery showcases the different ways we can look at life as a whole.

Beautiful scenery captured in New Zealand. Revered as one of the top scenes in this beautiful area. Many photographers in the 1800 competed to be one of the first to capture this scenery. I imagine the man in the photo as local man who is not as impressed with his everyday scene.
My perspective of this piece is that it showcases a difference in class in society. Notice the hard working man and woman look worn down as the wealthy drink their expensive wines oblivious to the struggles of others.
Is the lion on the hunt? Or is the lion a sign of the strength of a kingdom?My perspective of that this is a sign of protection against the unknown.
Known as a sign of conspicuous consumption, Pink Man on Tour is known as a powerful piece speaking against world issues. It is one piece in a series of pieces by Manit Sriwanichpoom that spoke out against unjust laws.
Produced during colonial times, this beautiful landscape shows the gorgeous scenery in which early Americans lived in. Even though life could be tough many could see the beauty in the rough terrain.
Painted by the great Vincent Van Gogh, this portrait of Joseph Roulin is a great representation of the common man as Roulin was simply a postal worker.
The Maple Viewers by Kano Hideyori shows people enjoying the Kiyotaki river. The perspective I took from this just a great day by many families. I chose this because it shows togetherness in community.
The conversation shows the everyday life struggles of farmers in their every day lives.
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