Life in the City

Red Harvest and The Life and Death of Great American Cities both had themes what living in the city entails and the problems but also benefited accompanied by it. Between corruption within the people and the city there are many problems and also benefits to living in the city; such as violence, recreational activities, poverty, and traffic. Since some people own guns this can often times lead to violence because people are unintentionally or  intentionally killed.  Overcrowding is an issue because there is a great deal of people in a small space, therefore buildings are built higher in order to accommodate for all the people. Traffic is a problem because so many people come and go to cities each day because of work or for fun. Cities are typically fun places to live in but can also have problems that people who live in the suburbs would not necessarily encounter. In this project artwork was chosen in response to reading Red Harvest and The Life and Death of Great American Cities based on what I thought accurately portrayed what life in the city is like. 

This picture caption is "Sweet Innocence" but the picture portrays otherwise because the men look like they're plotting something, similarly to the gangs in Red Harvest.
This picture shows Harlem, New York and the chaos in it. "Some people fear cities because of the possibility of getting mugged" (Jacobs 30). Violence in cities is often greater than in suburbs.
Overcrowding is a problem in cities, that is why the use of sidewalks is an important aspect in cities. "If a city does not have sidewalks it lacks “togetherness” (Jacobs 62).
Cities need influential leaders, such as Abraham Lincoln, without a good leader cities are more likely to become corrupt. There are examples of this is Red Harvest and Jacob's book.
Cities are also associated with poverty, especially with children. Poverty can often times destroy cities. “Children in cities need a variety of places in which to play and to learn” (Jacobs 80).
The media shows a lot of violence since there are so many people in a confined area tensions are high. “Your son won’t come back to life just because he was killed by mistake—If he was” (Hammet 16).
Cities are thought of as fun, there are bars and clubs, amongst other recreational activities. Drinking is done in bars, restaurants, or at one's home.
When people think they often think of traffic, whether it be foot traffic, or car traffic; lots of people travel to cities for work or for fun everyday.
Since cities are small areas that are supposed to hold a large population which can sometimes cause overcrowding. Buildings are built taller to hold more people.
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