The Winged Archer of Desire -(Michael Coleman-Reese)

This gallery includes representation of the Latin god of desire Cupid and his Greek equivalent, Eros, in sculptures and pantings. Cupid was the god of desire, love and passion also known in Latin as Amor or Amorini meaning "Love." It is said that when Cupid arrows inspire romantic love when struck by one. 

This marble sculpture Cupid Triumphant depicts Cupid gazing upon his arrow with a Mars helmet at his feet while holding the bow in his left hand. There is a lions fur that Cupid leans against that was the towel that Hercules threw in after there encounter. Also at hie feet is Jupiters thunderbolt. (n.d) Retrieved February 18, 2016 from
Cupid Tormenting Hearts depicts a sculpture of Cupid holding a heart in his hand close to his body squeezing it while looks down on it with little emotion on his face. Also he has another heart that looks like he shot his arrow through it as if it was a broken heart.
Cupid depicts Cupid laying on the ground with a arrow in his hand with his bow up under his body. Also there is clouds that surrounds the background like he is outside. He sits there playing with the arrow in his hand with a smile on his face with a gaze in his eyes.
A Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros depicts Eros in the forest with a young girl. Eros is trying to stab the girl with his arrow as she sits on the stone trying to defend herself from letting him stab her as he try's to hold her down with his leg.
Cupid depicts Cupid in this sculpture with something that looks like a snake wrapped around his body. He holds is arrow up high with a belt on with a cross on it. Also there is black lines all over his body which looks like the snake poisoned him and the poison is running through his veins.
Cupid in a tree depicts Cupid sitting in a tree with a arrow in his hand and other arrows at his feet with a pink cloth wrapped around hi body as he holds on to the tree with a smirk on his face.
Venus with Cupid Stealing Honey depicts the goddess Venus standing in the forest with Cupid trying to steal honey from the beehive. Cupid stands there looking at her with the beehive in his hands while bees crawl all over his body with his hands on his forehead.
Venus Chiding Cupid and Removing His Wings depicts the goddess Venus looking down on Cupid. Cupid sits down as Venus removes his wings. Cupid facial expression looks like he's in pain as she removes his wings but she also has the pain emotions on her face.
Cupid Stung by a Bee depicts Cupid surrounded in the forest by other kids with people dancing in the background dancing. Cupid is showing the lady sitting down his injury from the bee sting and looks like he is in a lot of pain from the expression on his face.
Eros and Anteros depicts Eros and Anteros kissing in while sitting on a rock. They kiss each other with love while both have torches in their hands with a background of that gives us the idea that they are out side with cloths surround them.
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