Hope and Seperation

In Night, by Elie Wiesel, Elie has to experience hope and fear separation. I selected a picture of a flower to represent hope and a split work of art to represent separation.

In Night, Elie as to find every possible shred of hope and cling to it just to survive. Hop for escape and life with his father kept him going. When I think of hope I think of a single flower growing and bring life to the world.
In Night, Elie fears separation between him and his father and what it could do to them. Separation could mentally kill both of them leaving them emotionless bodies that are just going through the motions. The split work of art represents that Elie and his father are one being keeping each other alive, and if they split they would become pointless and meaningless on their own. They would have no reason to try to live without each other.
Credits: All media
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