Children in art

This gallery is about the subject of childhood. It's about the warmth, innocence and joy children can have. It is about the meaningful parts that can be part of the childhood experience.

The artist, Diego Rivera, liked to show the indigenous world through pre-Hispanic scenes. I like this painting because it shows the mother's warm feelings for her children.
This artist is portraying Charles I's children as children instead of small adults, which was the norm in 17th century paintings. This painting makes me wonder about the lives of these royal children
This artist painted the children playing outside of his Copenhagen home. He was interested in social issues and liked painting modern life. I like that the painting shows the joys of childhood play
In this painting the artist gives an above view of the type of games the local children played. I like this painting because it shows the imagination of children and various ways children can find fun
This is a painting of the artist's niece and nephew after their father died. I like this painting because it shows the innocence of the children after something tragic happened to them.
This artist challenged herself to recreate Japanese art she'd seen in Paris. She also experimented with the mother and child theme in the 1800s. I love the tenderness and warmth of this painting.
This is a sketch of the artist's niece and nephew. They were his favorite subjects. I like this sketch because it conveys the feeling of boredom in childhood study. I find this portrait amusing
This is a tondo of the mother of the founder of the museum being portrayed with her siblings. The butterfly on the thread represents the soul. I think this work of art is charming and adorable.
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