Human Truth Art Gallery

The pieces in this gallery show the truths of human nature through deeper, personal analyzing of both human nature and the pieces. Human natures such as belief and tendencies are depicted through the pieces.

This image portrays human nature because like sheep, humans sometimes live in their "own worlds" and do not pay attention to the world and things going on around them.
Since this piece says, "you create what you will," it shows that people will believe or create lies that they want to make it seem like everything is normal and okay even if it actually isn't.
This piece shows a truth about human nature because an antelope is different then a lion and lions prey upon the antelope because it's easy for them since they're different.
The brass knuckles show a human nature because being treated badly because you are different can hurt and feel like you're being hit by brass knuckles, and sometimes that actually does happen.
This piece appears to be a funeral procession, so the people of the same religion are all coming together to use that religion to all mourn together instead of letting go of it.
This shows a human truth because the people are fighting and neither side will give up what they believe in until they win, and even after they do, or lose, they won't give up what they believe in.
This shows a human truth because all of the people look the same and are friends. Friends stick together and since they look the same shows that with friends it doesn't matter what you're like.
This piece shows human nature because it is a bunch of people from the same religion or faith who are all together and celebrating the same thing, people with similar beliefs come together.
Credits: All media
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