The atmosphere of color

Uses of Blue

You can really feel the cool feeling of this picture. It is calm and dark but not depressing
The lack of any color gives it a lowly feeling of depression
The colors used in this one show how tranquil the scenery is
Colors used in this make the portrait seem very depressed along with the blank facial expression.
The fading color in this picture gives it a scerene and calm feeling.
A more action scene gives us the feeling of despair with the colors almost clashing and crashing just like the waves and storm that is ahead.
Clearly a depressing portrait with Jesus and scene being in all cool colors.
The deep color in the sky overlooks the large farm with a vaguely painted boy giving it a very depressing feel.
Although the painting looks like the people would be happy, being in a cafe, the colors and lack of faces as well as posture give it a saddening look.
The purple and green colors give it a calmer look. The picture is not depressing but surely isn't happy either.
Almost too definitive is the depression here with colors as well as the posture and facial expression of this portrait,
This painting does not have a depressing look but a very calm look. Its easy to the eyes and feels relaxed.
The cool colors really set this photo up for how depressing it actually is. The black behind them almost makes them seem lost as well.
The calm colors in the background give this little party a warm feeling using cool colors.
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