Gallery of lines: Marina Muro

Thick lines Thick lines are portrayed here because of the large strokes. If looked at more closely, the lines are appeared as these wide lines.
Thin lines Thin lines are appeared all around the painting. Painted lines on the floor, the bed and the chair. All of the objects in this painting are formed by thin lines.
Horizontal Lines The horizontal line is painted to show that woman in the painting is sitting. There is also another horizontal line to show that the man is leaning on the bench.
Sparse Sparse lines are scattered all over this painting. The mini swirls contain sparse lines. Plus, other sparse lines are surrounding those swirls.
Vertical lines Vertical lines are being used here to show an authoritative essence towards George Washington.
Actual Actual lines are being used here in the trees. There are also actual lines in the grass.
Curved lines Most lines here are curved. Whether it is the figure in the painting or the background.
Contours The lines in this paintings are the shadows which is the contour. The contours are also the lines in the face of the figure to show the emotion of the figure.
Texture The lines in the painting depict that the painting has a rough texture.
Focused The figures in this painting have very focused lines; To show the amount of figures in this painting
Concentration The lines concentrate on the woman's figure and emotions. The lines are only focusing on the woman, ignoring the background.
Implied The lines are implied here to imply the focusness on the man in the painting. It also implies that the main focus of the painting was only the man.
Diagonal Lines The lines are represented to show that the women in the painting are walking in a diagonal way. The point of view is in a diagonal view as well.