Blue and calming

The blue in this painting is very light and creates like a dreamy feel.
The blue in the walls and the in the girl's dresses give the onlooker a peaceful feeling.
The colors in this painting are hard and bright, but it still looks peaceful and it kind of takes you into a journey.
The blues used here are combined nicely and it looks very calming.
Here the colors are expressing feeling. Blue is calmer while the other colors express bigger emotion.
The different tones of blue make it look like the kitchen is at night time, which makes everything look peaceful.
Here the colors look hazy and make it look dream like. The blue obviously is the sea, but it feels more peaceful than it would look in other media.
Not only the background is blue, but so are the clothes the girl is wearing. The blue in the background is lighter and makes the look softer and calmer.
Blue is closer to purple and it's probably because it's in a darker light. Of course it represents water and I think that is why it looks peaceful and it's calm.
This is one of my favorite paintings and I chose it for this gallery because when I see it I feel tranquil. The yellow is bright but I find the blue clams everything down.
The blue clothes make it seem that the woman in the painting is at peace.
The color blue in some cultures is a symbol of the heavens. i think that is why the praying hands are in blue.
Like his other Starry Night the color blue and yellow, though darker in this painting, make the onlooker experience a peaceful feeling.
The colors in this painting are low and nice and it gives out a calm feeling outside under the night sky.
The sunlight coming in through the window make the room seem happy and tranquil like there is no worry in the world.
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