Egyptian Art

Cynthia Manning 

(I'm using this piece of art as a video link)
This ceramic vase is simply decorated with a raised dot pattern and wing design. Found in Alexandria, Egypt, the duck is now located in The Walters Art Museum.
Between 1 and 100 AD, the Mummy Portrait of a Young Woman was created. The portrait is made of painted wood, wax and textile and is located in the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.
Created approximately between 1 and 99 AD, the Bronze seated figure of Amun is currently located in the British Museum. The statue is made of bronze and was created to worship Amun, the Egyptian God.
Currently located in The Museum of Fine Arts, this model boat was created from painted wood between 2061 BC and 1784 BC.
This fragment of the Votive Plaque of King Tanyidamani was created in about 100 BC and is currently located in The Walters Art Museum. Made from a dark red siltstone, this piece of art was a part of a commemorative monument to King Tanyidmani
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