Austin Jones,

The painting here has great texture. The texture is the wall, the wall looks very old and has lots of cracks. I would call this natural texture.
The colors used in these painting are perfect to me. My eyes were drawn straight to the panda and this painting in general. The colors are dark and neon like.
I love the rendering of this painting, you can zoom in and see in the house, you can zoom in the back ground. the detail is just great for a painting.
The mood of this painting is very different from the rest. Most of the art that I have seen from the 1800s are very serious. This painting kinda make me laugh. The two people are jumping from hiding and are trying to get the birds
The painting is different from the rest I looked at. The lady and the quilt is the main point of the painting. The thing that is different about this painting compared to the rest is that there is no background.
This painting shows a very harsh winter, the people must complete their journey or die. Just looking at this painting gives me the feeling of being cold.
This painting is tells me so much, lots of different feelings and moods. I see the red trees and the dead tree in front, I think of fall season, I also get the feeling that winter is coming so I feel cold in way.
Credits: All media
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