Flowers of the earth

Walking around outside with our minds racing in a million different directions, worrying about what will happen next. It is nice to see a little peace of a heavenly creation growing out of the ground symbolizing future. No matter what hardships life is throwing, a flower can show you that there is more to life than stress and hardship. These flower pieces should bring a time of relief and hope.

Jan van Huysum's painting beautifully depicts one becoming in tune with nature.The flowers, surrounded by butterflies and bugs depicting that we have achieved bringing all of natures beauty inside.
The garland of flowers here enhances the meaning of new life coming into the world.As flowers grow freely outside, new life needs to be free to grow up into who they were meant to be.
Jan Brueghel's main focus was on the details on each individual flower petal.Even though there are many tulips and roses, each petal is uniquely made.Same is true for all creations. No one is the same
Van Huysum's half hazard arrangement of the flowers shows that beauty is defined in the eyes of the beholder.One does not need uniform perfection to be perfect in the eyes of the world.
Mount Washington created very bright and colorful flowers and berries surrounding the dull colored rose.Even though the rose is not as bright, our eyes are still drawn to its centered beauty.
Even though this flower isn't real, it still shows bloom and delicacy on the harsh building side. Giving a sense of allure to a seemingly unruly unusual canvas space.
From a distance a sunflower appears very simple and delicate. Upon closer inspection in this painting, truly reveals the many layers of the flower and the closer you look the more you will discover.
Martin Johnson Head demonstrates the orchid giving to the hummingbirds. Even something as simple as a flower, provides for another in some fashion and is depended upon for help and growth.
Credits: All media
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