The Holocaust

Images that convey Hitler's power and significance throughout WW2 and the Holocaust.

Hitler proceeds through the streets of Germany alongside his Nazi soldiers. At this time, Hitler is extremely popular with the majority of the German public.
The Nazi salute was a salient gesture during this time period. It was performed by SS soldiers and the general German populace during Hitler's public speeches.
During this era, Jews were forced into marginalised conditions as they were considered inferior to Aryan Germans.
Propaganda that demonised Jews was rampant during Hitlers reign and was utlisied to encourage Hitlers 'Final Solution'.
The yellow 'Star of David' is required to be sewn onto all clothing items owned by Jews as a means of identification.
A famous photograph published by LIFE magazine showcasing the decrepit conditions Jews were forced to survive in concentration camps.
An array of cutlery that was supposedly stolen by a Jewish prisoner from a kitchen in a concentration camp.
A mass burial of Jews likely following a mass shooting that was carried out by SS soldiers.
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