Color Schemes

There is not much of a mood in this picture but based on the color it is a dull picture. The color symbolizes everything that is blended together. The yellow and blue and part of shades and tints.
This is Monochromatic. The mood is very dull. The color is symbolic because of the clouds and stuff. There are tints and shades where the cloud and sky are.
The mood of this art is calm depending on the colors. The color is symbolic because it is secondary color. Not much shade value and tints.
This is an image of cool colors.The mood of this is calm and relaxing. The colors are blended together and are shades and tints in their. I think the artist choice this because it goes well today.
This is an example of warm colors. The mood of this is peaceful. The colors are represented by the trees. The colors are symbolic from the bushes because it uses the blending of yellow and orange.
This is an image of realistic art. The mood of this artwork is distraught, angry, worried. This is because the gate like thing is pushed out of the way with things out of it. Dominant color is the blue
This is non realistic because it only has shapes in it. The mood is concerned because there are sgiggly lines and boxes. The colors rezoginize the mood. I think the artist choose these colors.
This is a painting that has complementary colors in it. The mood of this is easy going because of the train. The color is symbolic. There are shades but not much blending going on.
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