I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings By Maya Angelou

Kate Morris

Selected Epigraph "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." ~George Bernard Shaw In a very short summary, my book is about Maya Angelou's life. It talks about what she went through to get where she is now. She didn't spend all the years of her life trying to find who she was supposed to be, she used the events in her life to shape a strong, beautiful woman named Maya Angelou. I chose this piece of artwork because the building in it looks like it took a lot of time and work to get it as beautiful as it is. This symbolizes life and how it takes time to become who you are meant to be.
Universal Theme - Change Change can mean so many different things. The way I wanted to use it to describe this book was - changing different aspects of your life like location, attitude, and friends can change you. For example, when Maya moved from the small, poor town in Arkansas to a rich city in California. She had some changes she needed to adjust to. As she adjusted, she changed. She was no longer the weak girl from that small town, she was a confident individual. That change in location changed her life for the better. In this painting, it shoes a woman that is so nasty that she is "turning into a rat". I assume that the events that happen to her and how she acts affected this change.
Tone In this book, I believe the tone is curious. Throughout the story, Maya is curious about new places and people. She is especially curious about white people. Most of the people she knows tell her that they are not even real people. I chose this piece because the man looks as if he is looking for something that is not even there. He's curious about something under him.
Historical Setting This story took place mainly in Stamps, Arkansas during the 1930s. During that time period and in that area, segregation was very big. That's why my picture is a photograph of the Civil Rights movement, where they were fighting for equal rights for blacks and whites.
Text-to-Text I would like to relate my book to the book, "To Kill A Mockingbird". In both books, there is a lot of controversy about segregation and the whites's hatred toward blacks. Both books also involved trials involving rape that were "corrupt" in a way due to no equality. This picture is from a Civil Rights meeting. It reminded me of the trials in both books and how both races had to come together for the events.
"A Day In The Life" Entry https://goo.gl/TLLfId I chose this photo of Maya Angelou winning an award just to show that her life may have been complicated, as the book described, but she created a life for herself that she can be very proud of.
Mandala https://drive.google.com/a/ccpsnet.net/file/d/0B0_-Sf92Zkx_SVFRUHdzX044YWs/view?usp=sharing This painting represents Maya Angelou because it has so many different flowers in so many different colors. In her life, many different people knew her from all different events. She also had many sides of herself. Each flower blossoms at a different time and each characteristic Maya added to her personality, occurred at different times in her life. She portrayed a variety of traits, just like this bouquet of flowers.
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