Jacqueline's color gallery

4th Period Jacqueline Rizkallah

This piece of art demonstrated Primary Triadic colors. The three primary colors are red, yellow, and blue: all of which are shown in the soldiers, the CocaCola background, and the red lower background. These three colors are evenly spaced in the color wheel which makes them triadic.
Secondary Triadic colors are represented through this painting. Secondary colors are Orange, Green, and Violet which can be seen in the woman's purple dress, the green grass/trees, and the orange houses and plant life to the left of the painting. These three colors are equally separated on the color wheel which makes them Triadic.
Tertiary Triadic colors and the "in between" colors which are a mix between primary and secondary colors. In this particular piece of art, we see a green-yellow in the table which the lady is present. I also see a red-purple in the ceiling drop above the woman and also the same color in her dress.
Tetradic colors correlate rectangularly. There needs to be two sets of complimentary colors, which are present in this artwork. In the sky, yellow (Sun area) compliments the violet rock to the right and the orange section of the Sun/Sky compliments the blue water and sky.These four colors are complimentary to each other on the color wheel and they work well together.
Analogous colors are colors that sit directly next to each other on the color wheel and this photo clearly demonstrates this term. This pistol is yellow and the handle is green. Yellow and green sit adjacent to each other on the color wheel.
In this painting, Complimentary colors are shown, which are colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel mixing primary and secondary colors together. For example, there is a yellow log and purple tree trunks. These two colors are complimentary colors: yellow is primary and violet is secondary.
Split Complimentary is when a color has its complimentary color and also two adjacent colors next to it. In this case, the orange background compliments the blue flower vase and the adjacent colors would be the yellow orange (upper background) and the red flowers.
Warm colors consist of the red to yellow colors on the color wheel. In this picture, red orange fills the window frame to the left and yellow covers the walls. Also, on the floor, there are several items that are red and yellow.
Cool colors consist of the green to blue colors and resemble ice. This painting is a perfect representation of cool colors because the water is a striking blue and the water toward the bottom is a greenish blue color. This painting reminds me of an icy feel because of the dominating blue/green colors.
Monochromatic is the technique of using one color. As demonstrated in this artwork, the manipulation of red is shown throughout the mountains. White and black do not count as colors so in this picture, red is the only color shown which is an example of monochromatic.
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