By: T.J. Cosler 

Balance: This piece shows Symmetrical Balance because if you were to cut this in half each side is the same as the other.
Repetition: This shows repetition because the entire table cover is made out of practically all the same shapes just in different colors.
Proportion: This painting shows proportion the head is abnormally larger then most of its surroundings.
Movement: This piece shows movement because when you look the fire is seems as if it is actually moving and burning.
Unity: This famous painting shows unity because everything in the piece kind of flows together and seems as is every detail has a purpose.
Variety: This sculpture shows variety because it utilizes many different colors but also many different textures.
Emphasis: This ceiling painting shows emphasis because due to its circular shape you eye is almost instantly drawn to the center.
Contrast: This painting shows contrast because since you have the light background and the dark bunny, the bunny really pops out.
Credits: All media
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