Luke Voss

Color Schemes

The Color scheme used is warm colors. Colors like yellow, orange and red are used. It creates a cozy mood and it makes you feel comfortable.
The cool color scheme is used. Colors like dark clue, blue and hints of purple are used. The mood feels surreal and breezy and it makes you feel like that you are taking in a deep breath.
The color scheme identified is monochromatic. The colors/tints used are white, black and grey. It creates a dull and bland mood but it some how works as a whole.
The color scheme used is analogous colors. the colors yellow and green are common throughout the painting. It creates an old timey mood while still creating a sleepy mood.
The color scheme used in this is complementary colors. The yellow and the dark violet play off of eachother very well. This gives a fun and creative mood.I would see something like this on the old MTV
The color scheme used is Triadic Colors. The colors used are red, yellow, and blue. This creates a strange mood. It feels dream like.
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