Beaches and sand  

The beach is a relaxing place where people go to escape all pressures and worries of life. When you are  at the beach sometimes you see artists  sketching the beach ; but no matter how descriptive, detailed or magnificent the painting is it can never capture the beauty that this landscape really holds. Of  all of the paintings that are going to be in the exhibition today all have one thing in common, which is the natural beauty of the worlds' beaches and sands that have come together to create a tranquil peaceful place. The artworks all relate  to one another through the tones,natural landscapes and colour and to look around and see the beauty of mother nature at it's finest. These tones, colours and textures all combine together to create the immaculate beaches we have in the world today. The artists have all used and incorporated their organic environment to create these exceedingly beautiful and quite unique paintings.

structural- This painting represents the structural frame due to it's light cool colours, loose flowing lines and sharp textured rocks.
cultural- This frame effectively supports the cultural frame because it shows the ethnic mountain climbers on their horses who come from the lands of mexico and were travelling through the mountains of Washington DC.
subjective- This frame is depicted as subjective because the painter has put his own interpretation on the painting and i think this is a good example of people enjoying the beach.
post modern- this is a post modern frame because the style of movement in the artwork style is light and peaceful
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