Indian Deities

This gallery is all about the deities of Hinduism and the Indian civilization.

This piece of artwork depicts the indian god Vishnu. The defining features of this piece that make this Vishnu are the mace, lotus flower, and conch shell. Vishnu is seen having a mace to show mental and physical strength - the mace can be seen in his top left hand. The lotus flower symbolizes liberation and Vishnu can be seen standing on it to show his power in his existence. The last thing, and the most important, is the conch shell which brings the 'om', or the creation sound. All of these features are important because Vishnu is the god of stability and order.
This small statue is depicting Shiva the god of creation and destruction. The important aspects of this piece that make is Shiva are the cobra on his wrist, the dwarf underneath his feet, and the fire in his upper right hand. The cobra winding itself around his wrist stands for fertility and strength, which is important for creation. The dwarf underneath his feet stands for ignorance and by standing on it he is trumping over ignorance. The last piece of the image is the fire which symbolizes his destructive side of his power.
This is a statue of the goddess Devi. The way you can tell are by three main things on the statue and those are the sword, lotus flower, and the multitude of arms and heads. The swords and multitude heads and arms symbolize Devi's warrior self named Durga. The lotus flower symbolizes glorious existence, which places her on the same level as the previous two gods.
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