Life and  Philosophy 

Art where an emotion or experience is frozen in time.

In this piece there is a lot going. However, center of the painting is a man who appears to be singing to a woman on her knees while a man in also on his knees holding his head. There is a lot of color showing how busy the world is around but it also feels cluttered and making anxiety feel real. The people around are watching the performer to the woman and it seems the man on his knees is upset that he is losing his date to this performer. We all feel jealousy and we feel like the world is watching us fall apart.
The subject here is the pattern of scale shaped design with a deer like skull in the center. The pattern and colors of the scale draw your eyes to the very center where the skull is. I believe the pattern plays a role to carry your eyes to the main subject of the piece, which is the skull. The way I interpret this is that there is so many ways in life hence all the scales. As well as different directions but in the end, we all die. As melancholy as that is it is true which is why I chose this piece to represent life and philosophy. Remember that everyday is different like each scale and each day we live gets closer to death.
This is a painting of Eve handing Adam the apple from the forbidden tree. This story has much value with life and philosophy. We are only human, we all sin, and we all are lied to like the serpent lied to Eve. The colors and contrast separate the foreground from the background well and help your eyes focus on what the main subject is first, which are Adam and Eve.
I chose this piece to because I think its perfect philosophy to how we should embrace our life. To me, this piece says that we are all just a lonely Asses not knowing what we’re doing in this world and we should take ourselves so seriously. The graphic weight of the brown/black fur of the donkey contrast against the blue of the sky and ocean really constricts your eyes from wondering too far away from the focus but once you do you realize the purpose for lack of pattern and other distractions.
The Fragment Within Itself has great use of pattern and contrast. The piano keys scattered on the ground create a familiar shape spread throughout the picture helping your eyes trace the “U” shape of the scattered keys. This piece is nice to show that we are all wonderful and meant to create beautiful things like a piano creates music. But, we break ourselves by detaching ourselves from what we think our purpose is. Sometimes we forget what our purpose is.
Waiting captures what its like to simply wait for something. Waiting feels like a waste of life and can create anxiety and let the mind wonder too far. The juxtaposition of the subjects shows different waiting situations. The ballerina may be waiting to preform, which is, exciting but can build nervousness. The woman in black may be waiting to watch or something totally unrelated. You could go as far to say that the ballerina is living and the woman is waiting for death because the color of their outfits are drastically different creating a comparison between the two.
The title of this piece (Married Couple) is possibly a pessimistic view on marriage. The woman is hold the man’s head and the body is nowhere to be seen. This could be a way to say that sometimes we give too much to someone who maybe doesn’t appreciate it. There are other figures in the background, possible affairs. I would say that this represents the saying “be careful who you love.” The monochromatic ink of the figures compliment how brutal the red ink representing blood is and gives the blood more value because we cannot live with out blood.
Hug is showing how when we connect physically we connect more than just that. We are giving a part of ourselves to each other, becoming closer to being one entity. The texture of the body tissues is morphed and molded really show the severity of how important it is to make sure you love someone that you give yourself to because they will be apart of you.
Lost world is juxtaposition between wild life and what looks like a boring room full of everyday items. The colors on the lion separate it clearly from the white plain walls showing how unusual the situation is. The artist states “A play between dry Daily-life and Wet imagination. The artist was expressing from his own personal experience. “We live not in the superficial and material world, but a world with imagination, or perhaps in-between of these two spheres.” - Seo, Sang IK
This piece has religious roots being it’s an artistic take on the life of Isaac. Isaac was to be sacrificed by his son Abraham to God as a test of faith and at the last moment an angel stopped his son. The powerful message of the story of the farmer shows that you will tested in your life time and the image on the right is weighing out life decisions.
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