Cities Alive - Jaime Soriano Ruiz

This gallery consists of depictions of urban spaces that almost seem to be alive; man-made environments with movement of their own. My inspiration comes from big cities with heavy human influence which some times is destructive, some times it is beautiful and sometimes it is both at the same time.

New York City is one of the most romanticized modern cities in the world and that is why it serves as the opening to the gallery. The black and white colors of the picture create a sense of nostalgia. The whole image is very squared and linear and the various buildings scattered in the background give the picture a lot of depth.
This image is a very different representation of New York City than the previous one. The movement in this picture is everywhere; from each linear paintbrush stroke to the water and the smoke coming from the boats and buildings. Even though the painting lacks detail (purposely done so), with just a glare we know perfectly what it is depicting.
One last image of New York City. The sepia colors on this picture have a similar one as the black and white from the first image; nostalgia. The movement in this image comes from the two long crossing roads which are the focus of the picture. They are separated by buildings and they keep going separately they fade away.
This piece is a very interesting one. At first sight it looks like "cartoon" style drawings, but in fact it is a collage of pictures with some sketches drawn on top. Everything is pretty squared in the image but there are hardly any parallel lines. This gives a sense of chaos and disorder,specially in an image so congested as this one.
This picture, in black and white again (and with some yellowish taints) gives away it's age and created that emotional connection with the viewer. The nature and open spaces make this image different from the previous ones, but the uneven and slanted buildings and the river crossing give it as much life as the others.
This picture is of one of the most beautiful squares or plazas in the world. The contrast of the deep blue sky and the shining yellow lights from the street makes this image pop out. Also the two dimensional panels of the building's facade covering that same facade give a very unique texture and depth to the picture.
Again, the shining yellow lights and the dark night sky give the image a strong contrast. The blurred passing car instantly takes the viewer's eyes from left to right, later focusing on the eyes drawn on the walls by the street; another way of representing the city as a living entity.
Although this image is in black and white as two previous images, we can tell that this is a modern city in the picture. Nevertheless, is has a similar dramatic effect on the viewer, the image is somewhat nostalgic and melancholic. The street fading away and the dark sky give the image a lot of depth.
The non-symmetrical shapes on this picture, building on top of each other in a pyramidal way make this image a very complex one and point the eye of the viewer to the top of the "pyramid". The clear sky on the top of the image gives a sense of relief from the very "full" picture.
This image is very different from the rest, it is the oldest work and it depicts a much older "city" or construction from any of the other pictures. It is somewhat similar to the previous one because of the main element: the pyramidal construction made of squared divisions. I thought it was important to include this image as it represents one of the oldest stories of human construction; what this gallery is all about.
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