The Color of Orange

Orange is a wonderful color. It can range from a more optimistic tone to laughter-filling and can blend in with reds and yellows so easily.

Even though the child wears an orange clown suit, the color does not change the somber and upset mood he seems to be emitting.
Blending into browns and earthy tones, it relays a tone of more a quiet sense.
A grand ballroom with a hazy, golden tone.
The eyes are drawn to the figures of color, mostly women, seemingly being grasped at tightly or struggling.
The carnival is a cheery mood, the lighting and brightened tones lets you focus in on the fun and what needs to be seen.
Orange seems out of place here due to the...dark mood the painting seems to emit.
Black and orange create a dark clash, this scene a more gristly mood to look at.
The haziness of the background and the contrast of orange shows this scene is either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
A more religious and joyous tone shows the holy figures draped in color, outlined by the bright colors of the background surrounding them.
Orange takes up this tattered wall of color in different shades, giving off a feeling of decay.
The woman in swirling and strong brushstrokes is the center of attention, enunciated by the color.
A sense of falling motion is given with the trail of flailing color behind the main subject of the rooster.
A gentle sense of color describes the highlights of the apples, blending in softly.
A lone tree of standing color draws the eye to the side.
Van Gogh's beard and hair create a drawn gaze to his face.
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