beauty is in the eye of the beholder

-This gallery contains distinct types of art and they vary in color and design,but I agree on one thing:these pieces are all beautiful in their own way. Art is different and original;everyone also has their own interpretation on art. These pieces are all very different,whether it be in style or in concept, but in the end they are in fact considered art. 

-This art piece speaks to me on a very personal level. Personally I love foxes, but this piece shows a fox in nature. The artist illustrates its pained expression and the danger it is in.
-I admire the use of warm and vibrant colours to give this piece life. The woman appears happy and the background really compliments her. The texture also appears fluffy and soft;very pretty
-This art piece contains subtle beauty. The center characters are bright and warms colors,but the dark background is a great contrast to the two. The background helps the characters pop and stand out.
-This piece has a darker tone. The characters have this pale complexion and are surrounded by these dark colors that help them stand out. The painting itself almost appears sad because of the color.
-This piece has a beautiful contrast between the dark background and the pale face of Henry Clay. The painting itself is also very admirable with the use of its brush strokes;appears realistic.
-This piece contains a lot of bright colours,which makes the art piece pop. The girl girl is surrounded by a beautiful touch of nature given the background and the dove in her lap.
-This painting contains a brilliant touch of realism. It gives a great portrayal of Monroe and the painting makes him the center of attention. The dark background helps to enhance Monroe's appearance.
The beauty in this piece is the brilliant use of dark colors in contrast to the sisters' pale skin. The dark colors help to bring attention to the sisters. The dark colours all compliment each other.
-This piece uses dark colors to contrast the main face. Monroe's dark clothes help his face pop. His face has this warm feel to it with the use of rosy colors to make him appear friendly.
-I feel this piece is beautiful because of the colors used. The colors aren't exactly vibrant,but they still make the painting alive.Peale and his plant for some reason just appear beautiful together.
-The scenery is simply pleasing.The lighting used makes the image appear as though it's the early hours of the morning. The sun is barely coming out and barely giving light to the world;it feels alive
-The bright orange-tone brings life to the painting. The dark background and grapes help to create a lovely color contrast, The shading and darks really give depth.
-This painting uses light to give life to the portrait. You can clearly see the light reflecting off the man's cheekbones and buttons.The painting is very detailed and is a true reflection of reality.
-This painting combines colors in a very beautiful fashion. The reds really go well with the browns and tans of the Chief's skin. The rosiness in his cheeks go really well with the red,too.
This painting is more about the detail used. The detail helps to create a great sense of realism. Although the main color used is green, it's still able to make this painting come alive.
This image is very unique.It's very simple,but its simplicity makes it something to admire. The trees and naturally moving branches:it provides a realistic outlook on nature.Although simple,beautiful.
I just felt this image was cute. The artist is able to portray this birds well enough to catch every little detail in their feathers and design. I just personally love the way the artist drew them.
Personally,I admire Greek/Roman mythology,so this sculpture really caught my eye. Diana's body is formed very well; she's very well-proportioned. I also love the intricate details of her body.
I just admire how well-textured this bust it. The detail is so intricate that every little detail(facial features, clothing texture, hair) can be seen and admired. I just enjoy the realism in it.
I know very well that sculpting and carving isn't an easy task, so I just really admire how well the artist executed the shape and proportion. I also really enjoy the choice in colour for this piece.
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