Texture - Matt Huchel

Pictures you can Feel 

The Pistol has lines that create the whole shape. It's almost like it is made of a fuzzy type of yarn. Even the metal parts that stand out from the rest have their own repeated texture.
The city looks as if it's made out of gummy candy from far away. All of the buildings and features have different colors. If you zoom in for a closer look, you can see that each part is made up of small lines.
Van Gogh's face is created with different strokes that look soft and oily. The flat green background stands out from the face.
In this picture of Buddha, small curvy rectangles make of the majority of the face. It looks like they layer on each other, and are made out of sand-like material
This picture creates an object that appears to be made of melted sheets of metal that are put together into the shape of a mountain or hill
Although it looks diverse, this piece looks to be made of the same material, and looks like a soft watercolor with all the features scribbled in colored pencil
Almost the entire picture is made up of small splotches of paint. Standout parts like the river appear smooth and unlike the rest of the picture's texture
Everything in this piece appears very smooth. The table, although grey, features the same texture and almost blends in with the fruit basket. The piece is also very dark, maybe even sad looking.
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