The second world war

This gallery shows how World War II affected the people involved during and after the war.

After the war while in the USA, Sen wanted to depict a regular, working women. Seeing so much bloodshed and famine, it only makes sense that he would find beauty in a strong women. This piece was added to my gallery because of the strong female figure. Shown front and center standing up for the working class.
Showing the townspeople out and observing the damage right after a bombing is a very powerful statement. I enjoy that Lowry was able to capture the wreckage just after it had happened. All of the detail of the boards and broken buildings really drew me to this work.
In this piece Hinder shows a shadow of a plane flying over. This was added to the gallery because of the fear that enters me while I look at it. Imagining planes flying over all the time not knowing if a bomb will come down or not would be terrifying.
Hinder shows here a burning plane. Taken from his own personal experience during the war when his plane went down and burst into flames. This image is indifferent to me. It shows me failure but at the same time, a will to push on.
Depicted here is Gleeson's take on the horrors of war. Showing chaos and destruction. I was drawn to this because of the strong visuals and detail. The brutal honesty shown is remarkable.
Alan Moore shows here the aftermath of the war. Depicting some survivors of the camps and the Nazi's having to bury there own prisoners. What drew me to this painting was simply the man in front. Him walking around the bodies is extremely powerful.
Armstrong has a different take on what has previously been lost in this gallery. In this piece we see what is going on after the war. Subjects are thriving and going on with their lives. I was drawn to this because of the brighter showing and the wellbeing of the subjects.
This piece shows Sinozich's take on what happened to all of the migrants that had nowhere to go after they were let out of the camps. They all boarded boats and took off for Australia. This was an odd one for me. I didn't think this was interesting until I read the story about it. All of those people saved is just amazing to me.
A World War II veteran sits by his window recalling what he went through in his younger years. Tkachev does this perfectly. The look in the man's face says it all. Almost as if he was just asked a question about his time in the war and he is going through it again in his head.
My favorite of the bunch. A headless rooster locked away in a cell. Wolfgang Lettl masterfully composed this piece recalling his time in a cell during the war. Only a shell remains and that is clearly shown here. I added this because of the heartache and loss of will that the subject has.
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