Heroes of Times Passed

This is an exhibition of heroes and heroines from all across the world and various time periods. Ranging from sculptures to sketches, there are no restrictions on how these heroes are etched into history for their achievements. The many cultures represented are tied together by the fame and accomplishments of their champions.

Here is a relief sculpture created in Hanover, Germany depicting the Goddess Saga surrounded by musical instruments, weapons, and armor. She is the Goddess of wisdom in Norse mythology.
Hua Rong is a hero from Chinese literature who is nicknamed "Little Li Guang" after a famous general who lived in the Han dynasty. Hua Rong is renowned for his skills in archery and wild horse taming
Here is a sculpture depicting Meleager and Atalanta, two heroes from Greek mythology after saving their country from a terrible boar that was ravishing their country.
Here is an oil painting depicting two Roman lovers Venus and Adonis. Venus is saying her last farewell to her lover Adonis who is destined to die from a wild boar while hunting.
This work depicts a heroine from Anatolia who is in mourning from her husband's death. The widow prepares to drink the ashes of her fallen husband mixed with her own tears.
This work depicts the final episode of the great Persian warrior Rustam and his red horse Rakhsh. Rustam is led into a trap by his half brother where his horse is killed and he is fatally wounded.
Here is a wine cup depicting the suicide of Ajax, one of the great heroes of the Trojan war. Tekmessa, his lover, lies a blanket over his corpse to keep others from seeing him in such a state.
Here is an oil painting depicting the renowned hero from Greek mythology, Hercules. He strangles the Nemean lion as part of his famous Twelve Labors.
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