karen ayala


This show shape because a shape is a 2 Dimensional area that shows length and width. This shows how long and how wide the image is, it is also not a 3 dimensional object.
This shows that it is a 3 Dimensional shape because you can see its shadow. A 3 dimensional shape is an object and this sculpture is an object, you could easily wrap your hands around it.
This shows line very well. Line is a path a dot takes. You can see all different types of lines and how they have gone all over and how lines can look bold, or thin.
This piece of artwork shows color. Color is the light that reflects off an object. In this you can perfectly see two different types of colors. Blue and what appears to be a dark red purple color.
This shows value because it has different types of lightness and darkness colors. Value is the lightness or darkness of something.
This shows texture because you can see the bumps, if you would touch it with your hand you would feel the texture of different things. Texture is how something feels and how something looks to feel.
This shows space because you can see that there is space up above of the main design. Shape is the area around or within objects.
This shows variety because it is a 3D shape, it has color, and emphasis in the flower.
This shows harmony very well because you can see the similarities within the different elements around the edges. Harmony does mean finding similarities within different elements.
This shows balance because if you were to draw a line right through the middle it would be symmetrical. Balance is equal visual weight.
This shows proportion because you can tell that the size of the kids heads are not a normal/right size. Proportion is the size of one thing compare to another.
This sculpture shows emphasis right in the middle. That's where your attention is first brought because it's totally different and it looks like a hat. Emphasis mean to stand out.
This shows rhythm because the lines around them make it seem as if they'd be lifting the dress because it's going up. Rhythm is the combination of patterns and movement to give the illusion of motion
This shows pattern because in the middle of the sculpture it shows how it goes from white to gold, whit to gold. A pattern is repeating elements. So it is repeating the color.
This shows movement because you can tell by how the body is position that the man was moving. Movement is actual motion or action, impression of motion of a visual.
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