Art from the Italian                    renaissance

This piece of art is part of one that was originally painted on one continuous piece of wood. Eventually sawed into four separate pieces, this was originally an altarpiece. All companion panels are also displayed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
The Pantheon was one of the great tourist attractions of Rome. Panini depicted this attraction but did it in a way in which he manipulated the perspective to show a view larger than what was actually possible. The view in the piece of art is from deep within the building.
This painting was done in the latter part of Giotto's career. Giotto had stylized figures in his paintings in which he gave human & believable qualities. The white rose was included in the painting as a traditional symbol of Mary's purity. The background of the painting also symbolizes the realm of heaven.
This is one of the best known images of Saint George. This piece of art was meant to be seen at close range; it is full of detail. Some elements of Raphael's painting were inspired by Leonardo's cartoon.
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