By: Jordan Lewis

A butterfly is not just created into a butterfly. Endiku had to experience the everyday actions of humans become a man such as sex and drinking. Not just any sex, nights of sex to weaken him.
This picture explains the rebirth of Gilgamesh. The love that Endiku and Gilgamesh share for each other makes Gilgamesh a better man. Their friendship changes Gilgamesh from a bully king and hero.
Death is an inevitable and inescapable fact of human life, which is the greatest lesson Gilgamesh learns. After Endiku accepts his fate, Gilgamesh is terrified by the thought of his own. So he goes from brave to death fearing now that he actually sees how vulnerable he is.
The friendship has come a long way for Endiku and Gilgamesh. At the time when the mistress is describing Gilgamesh to Endiku, it strikes anger in him. Gilgamesh and Endiku fight and Gilgamesh ends up winning but the strangest thing happens. After the fight, they become friends and go looking for an adventure
This shows the transition from going to a school with boys and girls to an all girl school where they are now forced to wear veils. This is a big transformation during this time period of Marjane's life
When Marjane goes to Austria, she starts to experience new things that she was oblivious to when in Iran. The first time she goes to a party in Austria, she realizes that it is nothing like the parties she used to have when she was younger. There were no board games, there was no family time. This party consisted of drugs, alcohol, and SEX. She was frightened and disturbed. This definitely sparked a transformation in her life from what she was accustomed to before.
Marjane starts to show us her relationship with God and how that affects her dreams of being a prophet and at the same time wanting to be modern and avent-garde. She cares about his feelings. But the death of her uncle is difficult for her. Anoosh’s death represents Marjane’s break from a childish conception of a God that had represented love, justice, and holy wrath for evil. After the death of her uncle, Marjane rejects God.
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