The COLOR Blue

The color blue can change the mood of an image.

The blue water reflects the beauty of the art piece.
The blue gives life to the buildings and boats making it stand out more with a natural look.
The blue in this image shows vastness in a calm way.
The foggy looking blue makes you wander whats beyond it.
This blue show a great depression.
Here is a nice and elegant view of blue.
The blue in this water is very gloomy.
This shows a natural look of blue.
This blue is distant and spacious.
This shows a amazing blue scene.
The beautiful blue lake in a summer morning.
This image shows a blue like its fading away to a brighter blue and showing time passing by.
This image is showing a spooky looking blue across the brownish blue water.
This is showing a dark blue shrouding this scene in darkness while making it look beautiful.
This scene has multiple blues showing distance and adventure.
Credits: All media
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