"Every period projects its own images in the arts." The Realism art period is known for its paintings and works of the problems in society. Rather than focusing on the aristocratic lifestyle to hide what was going on beneath the surface, the artists of thie period focused on gritty emotions and a more somber tone. The art focused on real people, and real events. 

This painting by Millet depicts a man with a hoe, (As the title fully states... Who knew artists could be so uncreative?), and the tone is anything but pleasant. The man's face is one that shows sadness and pain. It is a real life event depicted in the painting, and the sombre feeling and colors present easily sorts this into the Realism category.
This painting depicts a women and child, climbing up the stairs. The emotion is little to none, and the color scheme gives it a more darkening and somber tone. The dull look and depiction of a real life event are both characteristics of Realism art.
This depiction of poverty focuses on a real problem that was present during the time of Realism art. This sketch being realistic as a setting, and having a more unpleasant tone, categorizes it fully as a Realism art piece.
The man in this painting does not have the happiest expression in the entire world, and the colors surrounding him depict the same tone as his mood. The dark colors and realistic scenes make it very evident that this is to be classified as a Realism art piece.
This painting of two people working on farm is to be considered a real life event, which is a characteristic of the Realism art period. It portrays the hard life of the working people, and the tone is very unlike the pastel filled and cute artistic periods before it.
This painting is dark and dull in quality, and provides a less than plesant tone. The colors and shading are not bright and happy, and the scene is of realistic origin.
Another painting depicting people working on a farm, this is no different than any past painting in the Realism period. The same somber tone is present, and a real event is shown as well.
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