Art elements

Line-Vincent Van Gogh made this painting entirely out of lines. For an example, if you look closely, the tree is all brown lines, but that is not the only thing that has lines.
Texture- This painting is an example of implied texture because you can't feel the lion. Even though you can't feel it, you can see what it would feel like.
Value-This drawing is shaded darker in some spots but in others it's lighter. That kind of gives the picture a nice little effect. The effect here makes it look like some of the tents are far away.
Space- This vase in the picture is representing negative space. The vase isn't in the whole picture, so the space around it is negative.
Form-This sculpture takes the shape of the cylinder which is 3-D. It's 3-D because it has all of the qualifications,height,width and depth.
Shape- This painting is by Picasso, an artist known for his unusual shapes in his paintings. This painting has a woman, even though she doesn't really look like a human because of her square body.
Color- This famous painting portrays a party, and parties usually have a lot of people. All of these people are wearing a variety of colors, whether they're dark or light.
Credits: All media
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