The Spectrum of nature -Kevin Smith

The gallery includes artwork of animals, plants, people, river, landscape and ocean where vibrant colors are used to bring the paintings alive.

The artwork illustrate fruits with a jug on a table in a corner, the artiste use of colors and shapes to create balance, focus and texture to the jug and fruits surely reflects the theme of my gallery Spectrum of Nature.
The artwork depicts farmers using cows to ploughed and prepare the land for farming, the artist used strong vibrant colors to contrast the lushness of the landscape in the background with the balance rich folding brown soil in the foreground along the movement of the brightly colored cows, the artwork reflects my theme Colors In Nature owing to its vibrant and richness of colors to illustrate the art.
The artwork the illustrate a dense and flowery meadow dominated by proportionate place trees with vertical violet color lines for rich thick texture trucks, the thick flowery and grass is balance with the colors green, yellow and white and pink, the artwork reflects my theme because the artist use colors to show nature in a majesty, vibrant and rich way.
This artwork illustrate a stormy sea waters with overcast skies, the artist use color, movement, repetition and focus to create the effect of a raging and stormy sea waters with storm clouds in the background, the artwork simply reflects my theme because the artist use color to invoke motion within nature.
The painting illustrate a freshly cut lotus flowers, pinkish white petals and yellow blossoms and a extremely green stem flowers laying on a surface with a painting in the background, the artist used the effects of color, texture, repetition, focus and balance to create the surreal effect of touch, this artwork reflects my theme because the artist use colors to draw realism to the piece in the form of texture and focus.
The artwork depict a couple picnicking on a rock overlooking a calm lake with a mountain in the background on a partly cloudy fall day with the sun piercing through a open in the cloud. The artist used the effect of color, repetition, balance, line, focus and movement to achieve the depiction, this piece reflects my theme by which the artist utilizes colors to illustrate the time of year.
The artwork depict a mother with kids picnicking on lush green grass overlooking the ocean on a bright but partly cloudy day, the artist use of color to depict a partly cloudy skies, blue body of water and white sand to indicate the ocean in view, contrasting white dress to bring the family in foreground and thick green vegetation of grass all reflects my theme spectrum of nature.
The artwork depict red and white cows grazing on grass in the field, the artist use of color balance to create the cow outer and majestic red and white appearance, repetition of green texture color to illustrate the lush vegetation in background and shape of white to create thick white clouds in the skies reflects my theme Spectrum of Nature.
The artwork depicts a wooden table with fruits, Watermelon, Pear, Apple and Grapes, the artist uses a dark background to create emphasis on the fruits in foreground, the artist also use a contrast of colors to create balance and variety to reflect the theme of my gallery.
The artwork illustrates the harvesting of hay by both women and men on a massive open field, the artist use of color to emphasize the focal points, the repetition of colors and lines to emphasize texture, the use of color to show depth and space reflects the theme Spectrum of Nature.
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