the Journey of a lifetime

The theme that I have chosen for my art gallery is the theme of dogs. I have chosen this particular theme because dogs help resemble nature and are a part of nature in many ways. Dogs live out in the nature and it is their natural habitat which is a reason why I have chosen the theme. Another reason why I decided to chosen the dogs theme for my gallery is because they show who they are in the nature, e.g. a hunter dog can hunt in the nature.

The reasons I have chosen these particular paintings for my gallery is because they show the dogs as the main feature of the artwork, the dogs are also out in the nature. The paintings of the dogs in the nature also show us what dogs do when they are in their natural habitat; nature. The reasons I have chosen these sculptures because when you look at them, you imagine the dogs from the sculpture in the nature doing something in the pose they are in. I have also chosen these certain sculptures because they show us how dogs move and what they do when out in the nature.

The reason I have arranged these pictures and sculptures in this particular way is because it shows a journey. The journey is of a dog and when he goes into the natures and what he does. The journey shows us what he sees on the journey, what he does, and what he experiences. The journey of the dog ends with him back at his home ready for his owner to come back, feed him and for him to prepare for his next journey.

This work evdences the Postmodern frame. We see this because the dogs are sitting at the table together, which humans usually do and they are prephaps talking and communicating with eachother.
This work evidences a cultural frame. This is because the dingo is known as a part of the Aboriginal culture. This is also a cultural frame because the colours used are usually used in the Aboriginal culture.
This work evidences the Structural frame. This is because of the signs in the artwork. The dog is running awway from bright light into the storn with dark clouds. This could be because he is going to face his problems.
This work evidences the Subjective frame. This is because we can feel the warmth and the care of a mother from experience. Also we start to have happy emotions about how we are cared about and we start to reflect on it.
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