The faces of Rome

Many of the emperors of the roman empire had there faces put in marble and statues and many of them had very different perspectives on how should they look. Some of them chose serious army and powerful looks. Meanwhile others had chosen to put their portraits in robes to appear more philosophical and thoughtful of their actions. Again the emperors who had chosen the warrior serious way appeared less rational and more impulsive. Also the makers of the statues sometimes chose less powerful people and maybe less influential people. For example they will chose a woman where not many woman had almost any rights in the empire but still they had a face in the empire representing what maybe the beauty or the hard working of everybody no matter what class they have. Another face recognized by many is the one of the gladiator. The famous performers of Rome. They fight to entertain the people of Rome. This shows that they will continue fighting even if they will die eventually and this can also be a face of Rome by showing the will to fight of the Roman people that even faced with certain death or by being enslaved they will fight for the glory of the empire. The faces of Rome don’t have to be statues they can sometimes be currency found on everybody. The emperors that did this showed that there power was so big that every citizen of Rome can have it in there pockets. Coins emperors put their faces on gold coins to signalize their power and that it can travel from one corner of the empire to the other. This are some of the many faces of Rome and each one of them represented a different aspect of the Roman society.

This face shows the stern and hard face of the empire like the senate for there hard ways and how they really defend the republic
This statue made again by Augustus is the perfect political equality because he shows the conservative and the liberals
Here Caligula is showing the military part of the Roman empire and also the glory of the military and the political empire because of the intricate armor which was used in political meetings.
Here it shows the spectacle of Rome because by using slaves to fight each other which can show that they can have enough slaves that they captured and they can use them to fight them and that rome will always fight.
Not all emperors chose the military way here Hadrian chose the philosofical way because he is using a robe like philosofers and that he always thinks before choosing.
Not all statues are of emperors or glorious gladiator they sometimes chose women and this face shows a wealthy woman of high class which means that even people with few rights have great commodities.
This is most likely a picture of agriculture which means that they are very tied to there land and that they take agriculture very important in their lives.
This medalions shows that some emperors like to put there faces on rich and expensive material showing the part of Rome where they are powerful affording luxiries that many people can have it.
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