The 4 Literary Devices

This project will depict 4 important literary elements. Social commentary, satire, magical realisim, and science fiction.

This work of art depicts many science fiction stories. With aliens or unknown beings coming down and conquering the earth.
Social commentary, This work shows how some children in certain areas are being affected by terrible diseases or leakages. it is also showing how babies are in danger of disease.
Social commentary, it comments on how even though some people were racist, and hated the other race, some people weren't bothered by that and were friends even though they were discriminated.
This work is magical realisim. because ordinary men cannot pull a boat by themselves. they might have powers or superhuman strength, bor magic to be able to pull the boat.
Satire, it puts a twist on a child and how they are unraveling themselves to discover who they truly are. The child's face is distorted as many works of satire are.
Credits: All media
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