Grace Snyder - An embrace

In each of these pieces, an embrace can be found somewhere. Whether out of pleasure or affection or mourning, all show one of the most basic human connections. I chose this theme because I found it interesting how despite medium or time period, embraces still appeared, all with different contexts. 

In Friends you see two women, who are also part water serpants, embracing and while the painting seems to suggest what their relationship is, it seems somewhat ambiguous, which is why I chose this particular embrace.
Three Lovers shows the titular three lovers, however the true emphasis of the piece seems to be on the two women, while the man is in the dark and difficult to see. I chose this piece because it separated itself from the other pieces by being almost sensual.
The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis shows the two titular lovers saying goodbye to each other. I chose this piece because I found their embrace really lovely in a bittersweet way -- the sadness in their eyes really set it apart.
In this piece Joachim and Anne's embrace signifies something greater: the exact moment of conception of Mary. I chose this because I found their body language really fascinating and while it portrays conception, it is in no way sensual, as Mary is supposed to be pure.
This piece portrays a little girl embracing two doves. I chose this piece because it was one of the few pieces that featured a human embracing an animal without biblical symbolism. While symbolism may still be present, I found it really lovely as a portrait of a girl hugging her pets and loved the lines.
This piece shows Mary holding the baby Jesus. I chose this particular piece because of both the medium and the wonderful way the lines look and also because of the strange way Mary is holding Jesus almost in the palm of her hand.
This piece is also a portrait of Mary and Jesus however in this piece they sit in heaven and Jesus reaches out for Mary, while they are surrounded by angels. I chose this piece for both the gorgeous relief and almost layered feeling and also for the outstretched example of an embrace.
This piece depicts Mary cradling Jesus's body after its removal from the cross. The color are really striking and the details in the folds of the clothing is amazing. I chose this particular piece both as a parallel of the Madonna and Child pieces and also for the facial expressions, which are done masterfully.
This piece depicts Hercules and Omphale embracing each other on a bed while small cherubs look on. I chose this particular piece for both it's sensual, erotic natural, and for the soft appearance of the two lovers and because it stood apart from the others as being more graphic due to his hand on her breast.
This statue shows Mars and Venus embracing, with Venus almost falling off the edge of Mar's lap. I chose the piece because of the medium and because of the intricate detailing on each of their helmets.
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