Renaissance vs. Medieval

This is a collection of artwork from the Renaissance and Medieval times. I will be comparing the artworks from the different times and giving reasons why they are from that time.

This is a Renaissance painting and you can tell that because there is shading in the clothes to make them look more realistic, is it set in a natural setting, and there is a vanishing point where everything lines up.
I think this painting is both Medieval and Renaissance but just a little bit more Renaissance. I say this because the faces are different and the people are drawn to scale like a Renaissance painting but it does not have a well defined vanishing point and there is a cloud that is above their heads with people in it.
This is a Renaissance painting because it has a vanishing point, the people are drawn to scale and their clothes look realistic. Their faces all have a bit of the same look which makes the painting party Medieval.
This is a Medieval painting and you can tell this because it is not set in a natural setting, the faces of the people look the same, and the people don't look real because there is no shading.
This painting is from Medieval times because the people are not drawn to scale at all and there is no shading so the people just look like they are drawn on top of each other.
This artwork was painted during the Medieval times. It is easy to tell this because all the people almost have the same faces and they are more than half as tall as the mountain.
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