Fear -Ryan O'Connor

Ryan O'Connor                                                                                                                                           The captivation of a natural state that emphasizes the portrays fear, an uneasy feeling or distress.The use of darker colors, surreal colors and darker tone pallets added to darker foreground or background. Looking at the world in a warped or surreal way. Vauge

The elongated arms and face of the painting "the scream" sets the tone for the surreal world. The pier does not warp but the world around the character is in a constant swirl.
The moonlight night plays off of the ground hazing in a foggy mist around our scenic landscape. Each tree laying on the warped ground romantically touching one another.A Shadow figure lurks behind.
Each color meticulously placed on the canvas. The colors plays and illusion on the eyes of the person viewing it. Each tree starts to warp around each point that you are viewing.
The romantic colors that are portrayed in this scene, leave the viewer with a scene of tranquility. However the dark ominous background leaves the person with a dark point of view.
The war between heaven and hell becomes waged in a clashing battle of armageddon. The people tremble between the battle of the gods cowering in fear fleeing and cowering from the mighty power.
The dark colors of the world help to hide the creature carrying the child. The babies face displaying fear and uncomfort. The Bird holds the child up powerfully and whisp it into the shadowy abyss.
The abstract painting dripping along each shape and color. Each drip blending in with the colors it crosses leaving the world melting before the viewer's eyes.The colors composed of dark industrial.
Families gather around holding each other in sorrow.From the old to the young, death does not see a difference. Death looking intrigued at the state of the mortals. He lays in the abyss waiting.
A dry tone to this painting filled with many lines and swirling stairs leaves us with a wondering eye. as we gaze up the swirling stairs we are greeted with jagged lines and sharp edges. a Dark world
The Universe displayed here is a state of confusion. a More modern take on the world that lives around us and the impact of each environment between one another. This state of chaos becomes confusing
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